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Mother and Baby on Floor


Yes, You Can Be Both!

Think about a woman you know that identifies as a mother. She could be your own mother, your spouse, a friend or a colleague. Think about their daily sacrifices–the time they spend, the decisions they make–then multiply it by ten. Only then can the role of mother be adequately appreciated. As mothers, it is so easy for us to lose ourselves in the daily responsibilities that our lives and children demand. Many of us make our goals secondary and others even consider them insignificant. We need to know, now more than ever, that our identities as mothers and our identity as individuals can coexist simultaneously with neither lacking in the end. That is the solution that Mommy + Me seeks to provide.

Mommy + Me was established because our director saw a need for mothers to honor the greatness that still exists within them. She was searching for a platform that specifically highlighted the marriage of motherhood and individualism, but all she could find was the sacrificial narrative and the drudges of being the nurturer. She couldn't find that space, so she made it. She knew she wasn’t the only new mom dealing with postpartum depression. She knew she wasn’t the only mom who wanted support from other moms. She knew she wasn’t the only mom who still had dreams. She knew she wasn’t the only mom who still had a purpose to fulfill with their current one. She knew these things and she knew that she had to do something–even while trying to figure out her new normal.

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to alleviate the stressors that cause many mothers to forfeit their ambitions. The saying is true that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to support a mother. Our goal is to fill the voids most mothers experience to assist them to be exactly who they're supposed to be.

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